“Shining a Light” Duke Pediatric Sickle Cell Conference 2012 will be held in Durham, North Carolina September 7-8, 2012.


    We, as a community of medical professionals, sickle cell disease advocates, parents, and patients consider this conference an important forum. It is designed to educate patients, family members and friends about sickle cell disease as well as to provide an opportunity to share, support and exchange ideas.


    The need for an educational symposium targeted at the pediatric level is evidenced by daily interactions with patients in the Duke Pediatric Sickle Cell Center.  We often encounter inquiries such as “When is there going to be another sickle cell conference?” or “Where and how can I learn more about sickle cell disease for my child?”  This sickle cell conference will provide opportunities for patients, parents, community members and Health Professionals to actively engage in finding out more about sickle cell disease. Self care management strategies will be emphasized.
    We invite you to take part in this exciting event.  

    2012 Conference Theme:

    Shining a Light on Pediatric Sickle Cell through Education and Collaboration
    ·   Educating Pediatric Patients, Advocates, and Health Professionals on living with Sickle Cell Disease
    ·   Providing advocacy and empowerment for pediatric patients and their families

    ·   Fostering opportunities to share and exchange ideas with leading practitioners in the field